We help domain experts to take their startup ideas and themselves to the next level

We believe the most exciting startup ideas come from people who have several years of first-hand experience from the domain they aim to change. Our passion is to support them in unleashing their potential and gaining more satisfaction in their careers.

Besides the domain expertise, we know that building a strong tech company from scratch takes a huge amount of work and personal growth from the founders in a short timeframe. As a founder, you are going through a massive journey. It's at the same time, exciting as well as challenging and stressful. Unfortunately, too many founders are left with very little support and honest guidance on the growth, and they need to learn a lot on the go. Having sufficient financial resources, advice, reflection, access to the right people, and hands-on support helps you avoid many of the typical challenges and enable even faster growth. That's why we started Icebreaker.vc – a venture capital fund and community, which is over 1000 members strong today.

Currently, we manage in total €70 million with our latest fund being €50M closed in April 2020.  We invest €150k – 800k in Finnish, Swedish and Estonian software-driven companies in idea, angel and early seed stages. If you are looking for funding and support for your startup, please send us a funding application here. If you want to expand your network and find exciting opportunities in fast-growing startups, please apply for the Icebreaker Community here. If you want to hear more about the investment opportunities, please reach out to us here.

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