I tend to describe my journey to Icebreaker and into venture capital somewhat unplanned for. However, reflecting back, it was a natural path for me to take. I first got acquainted with the startup sector as Head of Digital Marketing and PR for the Stockholm based D2C jewelry brand All Blues. And this was a journey. As the first hired employee, I got unique insight into the life of an entrepreneur and took direct part of the ups and downs of scaling an enterprise. I realized just how rewarding I found it to work with entrepreneurs but more importantly, how easily their passion spills over to me. I wanted to keep onto that feeling.

A Bachelor from Stockholm School of Economics later, I decided to explore my Danish roots and started my master’s in finance and Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School. It was in the beer-loving postcard of a city that is Copenhagen I got in touch with the investor side of the ecosystem, namely at Unconventional Ventures. As the name might give away, this Nordic first time venture capital fund solely invests in early-stage tech startups founded by underinvested entrepreneurs. And this was where my passion for improving diversity and inclusion in Nordic venture capital was born - something that I bring to Icebreaker and my role as Analyst.

In my spare time, you are just as likely to find me drinking wine with my friends in Stockholm or Copenhagen, as you would find me picking mushrooms in the woods of the Stockholm archipelago.