CAREERS at – a venture capital fund and community.

We are on a mission to help build strong tech companies and our goal is to become the best in the world. If you feel compelled to help us on our mission, you might just be the right person to join!

Where are we now?

We launched in early 2017, and as of today, we have built a community of hundreds of Founders and Pre-Founders, invested in 38 strong tech companies, and have offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

We are at the intersection of launching our next fund, which will be bigger, better, stronger...

Who are we?

At the moment we are a team of 14. Our founders are Lasse, Aleksi, Riku, Leo, and Teddie. Our background is in strong tech companies and venture capital. We have strengthened our investment and expert teams with Slobodan, Mari, Kristian, Rasmus, Anni, Alma, Juhana and Tunde. Finally, we have Mikko-Jussi as our Chairperson of the Board.

What is it like to work with us?

We are young and hungry. We want to change the way VCs do business and that requires out-of-the-box thinking. That’s why we consider ourselves more like a startup than a VC. We also want to add the Icebreaker Salt to everything we do. Essentially this is a quirky mixture of professionalism, perfectionism and creativeness with a twist of good laughs. You have to see it to believe it!

We believe that healthy teams make the strongest companies. Therefore, our portfolio companies' wellbeing is one of our main objectives. In addition, we are continuously developing our own work environment and culture so that it supports our team members' physical and mental wellbeing.

What's next?

We want to push our limits and constantly strive to be better at what we do. The only way to achieve this is through growth, so that’s what we are looking to do next. Be bigger, stronger, and eventually, better. In practice, this means growing our community 10x, organizing higher quality events to better facilitate relevant connections, find and invest into better companies, launch our international operations, and better support our portfolio companies to have them reach bigger next investment rounds faster. Although we are big believers in automation, we won’t be able to do all of this without additional people in the team.

Thus we are looking to hire diverse talent into new roles to help us all become better at what we do.

In addition to the positions in our team and in the Icebreaker portfolio, we launched our Growth Hacker Internship Program last year - a 2 month intensive internship during which interns learn about hands-on growth hacking methods by solving weekly growth challenges for our portfolio companies.

Lasse Lehtinen
Aleksi Partanen
Riku Seppälä
Leo Giertz
Teddie Wardi
Mikko-Jussi Suonenlahti
Kristian Pentti
Mari Luukkainen
Slobodan Stanic
Tiitus Petäjäniemi
Rasmus Klärck
Tunde Adekeye
Anni Pyhäjoki
Alma Holst
Juhana Peltomaa