Growth hacker internship arranges a 2 month intensive growth hacking internship during which you will learn about hands-on growth hacking methods by solving weekly growth challenges for our portfolio companies.

The program focuses on learning and maintaining the growth hacking process in weekly sprints and solving the bottlenecks of early stage startups firsthand in a group. 

Earlier experience in marketing, for instance, is not required. We offer you an environment to maximize your learning curve by working with a plethora of global B2B startups in their early stage. Hunger to learn the skills to maintain a process and organize yourself effectively are the only requirements.

A career as a growth hacker in one of our portfolio companies is very likely after the program. Currently all of our Growth Hacker internship alumnus have got recruited into our portfolio. Read their experiences here.

The program is organized and led by's Head of Marketing, Mari Luukkainen.

You will be paid an intern salary during the training period.

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