We want to be the best place for people to start, build and join strong tech companies.

We help unleash individual potential by bringing interesting people together. Our network of hundreds of professionals from different industries, all willing to build or join strong tech companies, is full of exciting opportunities.


You get the most out of the Icebreaker Community, if...
💡 You have an idea and you want to start building your own company.
🤝 You want to find a startup team to join.
👩‍💻 You already have a tech company and want to take it to the next level.

We welcome people from various backgrounds. Your industry expertise has value even if you aren't that familiar with the tech startup scene.

Our community members should have 5+ years of solid work experience, an ability to show that they are they great at what they do, and have the will to start, build or join strong tech companies.

what we offer

Capital: Looking for an investment or advice? Send us email to and we’ll take it from there. Our initial investments vary from €150k-800k.

Access to a constantly updating content bank, a dedicated group of experienced founders visiting our events and of course the know-how of other community members.

‍People: If you want to meet people from various backgrounds or are looking for an expert from a specific industry, our high-quality events and online community services will help you.

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