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Tuomas Bergström, Mattias Andersson, Andreas Källberg, Petri Autero


online gaming, regulation

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Operators in the online gaming industry are facing an increasingly stringent and localised global regulatory environment. The market of online gaming is changing, as several countries become more regulated markets and are granting licenses to new operators. Meeting these complex regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions is a must for larger gaming companies with a wider online and cross border reach. Operators are in a tough competitive business, where the main differences between operators are in the user experience and user-facing interfaces (UI/UX).’s aim is to become the global compliance standard for online transactions; a transactions interoperability software for all virtual transactions.

After spending almost 20 years working with online gaming and gaining extensive experience from the market as a gaming regulator, platform supplier, and most recently as the CTO/CIO at PAF, Tuomas Bergström, Co-founder & CEO of, identified that online gaming firms are facing a growing problem with meeting the constantly tightening regulatory requirements. At PAF he experienced that the online gaming firm’s compliance costs are immensely high, and decided to build software that would change the way these companies can solve their regulatory burden. describes their software as a “Compliance as a Service” - a concept that provides their online gaming customers a fastlane to multiple regulatory services with just a single integration point.

The changing regulatory environment has doubled the compliance costs during the last 10 years, and the costs are forecasted to continue to grow. strives to become the dominant player in this segment of regulatory tech, as the business opportunity is not tied to Europe and there are no known direct competitors who try to solve the exact same problem with such software solution.