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Solving the problem of inefficient search engine optimization


Helsinki, Finland



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Henrik Harju, Harri Heljala


website indexing, SEO

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Backlink Builder wants to solve the problem of inefficient search engine optimization by building a backlink automation tool that helps companies to generate more traffic to their website. The founders have been building and ranking websites for over 8 years, and building backlinks have always been their biggest pain point in doing that. Co-founder Henrik Harju has worked with sales and growth hacking for over 8 years at, for example, Hotjar. He has founded several companies and projects before, of which Work From Home Jobs (a website that aggregates remote job opportunities in a single place) being the newest one. The other co-founder, Harri Heljala, is the former Head of Growth Hacking at Evermade with software development experience from founding and managing several web-based products. Together, with their strong experience in tech sales and growth marketing, they make a great combination needed for initial product development and growth.

Website indexing, which is the ranking of websites based on keywords or a search, has been getting more and more complex due to increased online competition. Generally, a page on an authority domain will rank higher than a page with less authority, which is based on the amount of backlinks and votes from other websites. Getting a high rank in a search engine means more traffic, which eventually results in more sales. This is where Backlink Builder steps in.

We are thrilled to have Backlink Builder and their backlink automation tool onboard as they will allow companies to efficiently rank in the increasingly competitive webspace.