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Helsinki, Finland



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Ilya Sokolov, Dmitrii Ivanov, Vitali Samurov, Victoria Tkatcheva


IoT, manufacturing

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In our highly connected world, the number of connected devices continues to multiply, and because of this, so do the security risks. In fact, in the past three years, there was a 3,000 percent increase in attackers scanning for vulnerabilities in IoT devices. Aware of the stats, interest was piqued for Connax - the Helsinki based software company managing security risks and device integration - so they began to develop embedded SIM (eSIM) software solutions focusing on secure connectivity.

Early on CEO, Ilya Sokolov, saw opportunity in the SIM card market while working in the telco industry with his team. He noticed through technical recommendations that the whole industry was being pushed towards eSIM. As there weren't many providers with eSIM at that time, they decided to become one. Along with CTO, Dmitrii Ivanov, Sokolov set out to build a top-class team. Vitali Samurov, now CRO, is an experienced embedded developer from Intel, a SIM specialist, and a vital part of the project. Since joining forces, more developers have joined the team which has them successfully researching and developing embedded software. 

Connax has been working tirelessly to get away from a traditional SIM personalization procedure to improve IoT security by using blockchain public key infrastructure. Traditionally these SIM cards would be shipped to special facilities for personalization, but through automatization, Connax is able to skip this phase and majorly cut costs. Roughly half of the price of the SIM card is based on personalization, and Connax is shaking the status quo by removing steps from the production chain. The hardware for their product is similar to a regular SIM card, they're just a little bit smaller. The difference is that the eSIM can’t be taken off, and the operator is switched with the application. As venture capitalists investing in this already successful startup, Icebreaker is proud to help turn such a complex, technical, and revolutionary technology into a more digestible product for the user.