Improving the brand licensing burden


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Kalle Törmä, Timo Olkkola


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Agreements or partnerships involving a brand are often considered to be cumbersome and, to be frank, annoying. Many of the details are worked out over email, where there seem to be no standards for quality or commitments to efficiency.

The need for brand licensing is not going away, however. It’s currently a $270 billion global industry, and if anything, in today’s viral and connected world, it’s becoming more important. Branding is vital to nearly every industry, not just commonly thought of brands in entertainment or retail.

Flowhaven is seeking to change the way brand licensing is done with their powerful platform that puts the focus on the quality of service and partnerships. Their platform is an all-in-one solution that includes automated workflows, advanced analytics and creative collaboration tools to increase the speed-to-market. With their platform, licensing deals are completed in a more efficient and streamlined way which frees up licensing departments to focus on strategic tasks that really matter. Using their platform enables brands to scale quickly and maintain their brand reputation and quality.

The company was started in 2016 by co-founder Kalle Törmä, an entrepreneur and brand licensing professional, having spent 4 years at Rovio, recognized the industry need for an automated and intuitive solution. Törmä along with fellow co-founder Timo Olkkola pulled together a group of enthusiastic techies and true fans of brands to improve the way brand licensing is done. The team’s business ideas stem from experience working with dozens of licensors, licensing agents and licensees. They understand the real needs of brand owners and can develop solutions that address these pain points.

Venture capital financing will help the company continue expanding into new geographies, building on the trend of their recent entrée into the American market. It will also help them continue improving their existing platform and building new products for their customers.