Hurricane Unwinder

On a mission to be the leading solution provider for avoiding or decreasing the catastrophes related to hurricanes


Helsinki, Finland



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Antti Pasila, Svante Henriksson


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Hurricane Unwinder’s mission is to become the leading solution provider for avoiding or decreasing the catastrophes related to hurricanes. Company founder Svante Henriksson has researched for over 5 years hurricanes and the reasons behind the formation of very strong winds at the Finnish weather institute. Co-founder Antti Pasila is a serial entrepreneur, based in the US, currently working as the CEO of Kiosked, a very successful Finnish startup he founded and lead to its current success. 

Hurricanes are some of the most powerful weather systems on the planet. While they perform necessary functions through removing excess heat from warm oceans and bringing rainfall to continental areas, they often also have a devastating impact on homes, livelihoods and infrastructure. Coastal cities have been attracting larger and larger populations for a long time and it is projected that the most intense hurricanes are becoming more and more frequent. Awareness of the potential to guard against weather risk and damage through software solutions is increasing fast making the weather forecast and solutions industry a fast-growing market. Improved hurricane intensity forecasts are in high demand for the emergency management, (re)insurance and financial industries as well as for the general public living in areas with hurricanes.

Hurricanes are known as typhoons in the Western Pacific and more broadly as tropical cyclones. They form over the North Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, Western Pacific and Indian Oceans affecting countries in the Americas, Asia, Australia and southeast Africa. Rare incidents of weak hurricane-strength cyclones have also been recorded in the South Atlantic and the Mediterranean. About 47 storms of hurricane/typhoon/severe tropical cyclone strength are formed on average each year. The total damage from hurricanes in the US per year is $22-28 billion. 2017 surpassed 2005 as the most destructive year so far with a recorded total damage of over $265 billion.

We are excited to have Hurricane Unwinder onboard as they are seeking to help with guarding against weather risk and damage through their software solution.