Inscripta is on a mission to free doctors time and increase dictation transcription quality with AI.


Helsinki, Finland



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Simo Sorsakivi, Joni Aaltonen


speech recognition, machine learning, professional dictation, medical dictation

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Dictation and transcription activities are essential in the healthcare industry - to the point where human wellbeing becomes a factor. Whether by using audio playback equipment to produce transcribed reports, or typing patient notes, traditional methods of recording and communicating important information have become tedious, inefficient, and cumbersome.

And it’s not just medical transcriptionists who have to deal with this lengthy process. Medical professionals in Finland (including doctors and nurses) currently spend more than 50% of their working hours on compulsory administrative tasks. This is also the case in healthcare systems in North America and across Europe.

Enter Inscripta.

A dictation and transcription service provider, Inscripta represents one of the first major investments in speech recognition and mobile applications which uses machine learning to drive better speech recognition. Their services are specialized towards the healthcare industry - particularly important when you consider how important nomenclature is in health services.

The product is available in app format and prides itself on ease of use, quality of service, affordability, and confidentiality. There are no license fees involved, and the service operates on a pay-per-use basis.

CEO Simo Sorsakivi comes from a background in cognitive science and founded Inscripta in 2016. His time in medical transcription provided him with a new perspective on how operational and data processing could be optimized and made more efficient by integrating new technology. The result is Inscripta’s neural network powered speech recognition tool, which replaces the pen and paper required by dictation services.

The solution is simple at its core, but artificial intelligence is set to play a major role in speech recognition. Medical dictation is the perfect field to apply this evolving technology, as it promises to free healthcare staff’s time so they can focus more on their patients.

The global speech and voice recognition market is expected to grow to $9.97 billion by 2022. Inscripta aims to be at the center of leading automated voice-to-text solutions, which also promise to become language independent in the future.