Better customer support interactions should not be put on hold


Tallinn, Estonia



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Kair Käsper, Martin Kõiva, Egon Sale


SaaS, customer success

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In an increasingly connected world, it seems as if there are more opportunities for customers to reach out to customer support and more chances for these interactions to go awry. One of the most effective ways to tackle poor overall service quality is to systematically analyze the interactions and give feedback to the support specialists on past interactions. Klaus, an Estonian tech startup, was founded based on this insight. The founding team is, self-described, “obsessed” with the quality of these customer interactions. The company provides a way to systemically check and improve the quality of various interactions between customers and a customer support team. Most support teams still run this process in the form of a meeting or in spreadsheets and spend hundreds of hour on useless admin work. Klaus provides a specialized conversation review tool that delivers major time savings on that process – especially for a big team.

The tool connects with popular support desk tools including Zendesk, Intercom, HelpScout and Freshdesk. The main value proposition lies in providing a slick UI for finding relevant interactions, sending feedback to the agents automatically and tracking relevant stats. Klaus can save up to 90% of the time spent on the mechanics of the manual review process. The company was started by Kair Käsper and Martin Kõiva, friends since high school that have started and worked at several companies together. Most recently, Kõiva served as Global Head of Customer Support and Käsper as Director of Product Marketing – both at Pipedrive. The former now acts as Klaus' CEO and the latter as Head of Growth. They were joined by technical co-founder Egon Sale who has 15+ years of experience as a web developer. Venture capital support has been helpful in providing Klaus with business guidance and connecting them with a network of potential users.