Killing the migraine of switching homes


Helsinki, Finland



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Kalle Salmi, Martti Suomela, Nico Rotstein


real-estate, iBuying, AI


The housing market is huge and hasn't really been disrupted since the online marketplaces came to be 20 years ago.

Kodit.io are building a painkiller for a migraine that switching homes causes. People save months of their time and thousands of euros. The iBuying industry has been growing in the US, and in Europe, Kodit.io aims to win the game.

Kodit.io’s service is like an iceberg: the visible part captures your attention, but most of it is under the surface.

Above the surface, you can see that Kodit.io has an AI-powered evaluation model: the customers can either sell their home to Kodit.io or choose an extended offer and try to get a better price from the market.

When we get under the surface, we get a glimpse of how huge the product actually is: a mixture of smoothly running operations and cutting-edge technology. Kodit.io refurbishes the apartments it buys and sells them. The technology also allows real-time monitoring of the market, which has not been possible before: following how the market moves helps Kodit.io to adjust the pricing accordingly.

All Kodit.io's team members are super experienced in their respective field. The CEO Kalle Salmi believes strongly that the key for their company's success is a great team, so they have kept the bar high, done your homework and hired only the “best of the best”. Martti Suomela is the Head of Real Estate and has a long background in the real estate field and have worked together with Kalle (the CEO) for years. The CTO Nico Rotstein has a PhD in AI and a background in fast-growing start-ups.