Smarter vision sensor technology to help automation achieve 20/20 vision


Espoo, Finland



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Jorma Palmén, Jouni Halme


computer vision, industrial automation, machine learning

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What’s one thing that all self-driving cars, augmented- and virtual-reality devices and robots wish they had? A human eye, or two. Ladimo Smarter Vision is the next best thing. The future of these forms of automation lies in creating sensor technology that can create real-time and accurate 3D information from the surrounding space. Smarter Vision, from startup Ladimo, offers a real-time 3D point cloud acquisition solution that is accurate, affordable and computationally efficient. This technology has the potential to transform industries by saving time and resources and allowing humans to access places that have formerly been inaccessible.

LADIMO stands for abbreviations of its core technology: laser, diffraction and mono-photogrammetry. As with many great business ideas, it was born out of advanced university research. In 2012, Jorma Palmén, then a professor at Aalto University, developed the initial idea of creating improved sensor technology. In 2014, co-founder Jouni Halme joined Ladimo to help with commercialization. The company was officially formed in January 2015.

Halme’s experience in engineering, machine learning, automation, optical theory, laser technologies, photogrammetry and sales and marketing complemented Palmén’s expertise in commercial geology, engineering geology and applied geophysics. They have a deep advisory board including:

  • Jyrki Saarinen, a professor of photonics and commercialization in the University of Eastern Finland
  • Jukka Viheriälä, docent of optoelectronics in the Tampere University of Technology and Finland’s best expert and advisor in laser technology
  • Jussi Leveinen, a professor for Master students in geology at Aalto University
  • Tech. Lic. Matti Kurkela, a top researcher on the technical side of photography, who is now writing his doctoral thesis in 3D imagery and measurement

Venture capital funding has helped LADIMO work on their next, smaller model and acquire important resources including an optic table, several lasers and a couple of additional employees. Investment is key to helping them reach their goals of scaling up and pursuing volume.