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After 1.5 years of developing an influencer marketing platform, Avery Schrader, the CEO of Modash, and his team discovered a highly specialized niche in this highly competitive market. Rather than face the many end-to-end solutions for influencer marketing campaign management, they provide an easy-access service for agencies, platforms, and brands to find influencers according to their needs.

The idea to found something like Modash came from Avery’s obsession with the culture surrounding online creators. He amassed a wealth of “useless information” about the Youtube and greater creator ecosystem. His own personal struggles with mental health allowed for him to find a safe haven amongst social media creators; something that got him through tough times as they acted as a portal to the rest of the world.

After leaving university, Avery was dead-set in starting a company and after hearing about the idea of Estonia potentially being the next Silicon Valley in Europe, the young CEO, originally from Canada, decided to test his luck over in the emerging digital republic.

“I got really active in the community. I worked a bit for LIFT99 on a project basis. I also launched a Podcast and as it became a bit of a local success, LIFT99 adopted it, we renamed it and for a short time I continued to host it. I used the money from the Podcast to really start focusing on Modash as a project. Hendry (CTO, Co-founder) and I had been playing with some ideas but nothing was very serious until we decided to go full throttle on Modash.”

So that’s exactly what Avery and Hendry did; full speed ahead.

To put it simply, Modash allows marketers to identify influencers who speak to their target audience. Social media influencers are social media accounts and personalities with large numbers of followers. Influencers post their own content to engage their followers, but they may also sign onto commercial campaigns to promote brands. Modash’s search engine enables brands to continuously detect influencers fitting their particular campaigns. Moreover, Modash allows users to check for fake followers, which is a welcome addition in the highly congested space of social media where fake followers are the counterfeit currency helping run the economy of online influence - often misleading companies when they look for the right influencer to promote their services or product.

“Modash has the most accurate and comprehensive data in the world on social media influencers and more importantly, their audiences. Soon we will cross 100,000,000 social media profiles organized in our search engine. It’s also lightning fast, easy to use, and beautiful.” is excited to invest in Modash as they have a unique approach to influencer marketing. While competitors continue to pitch the idea of “building brand” with pay-per-post influencers (who usually don’t reach a meaningful audience), Modash focuses on ROI. Modash is shifting the influencer industry from vanity metrics and “brand awareness” to a scalable, performant, ROI machine that any B2C company or marketplace would be foolish to ignore.

So far, the team is made up of Avery and five other talented individuals:

Hendry Sadrak, Co-founder and CTO, placed 13th in the world for web development in an international competition amongst the best developers of 40 countries when he was 16.

Renata Johanson, Product Designer and User Behaviour Analyst, joined Modash after completing her placement at Pipedrive. Her past is mostly in winning hackathons and building a panda robot assistant called Gaga.

Tajik Ifrad is a marketer with 8 years of experience in companies like Admiral Markets where he was controlling the ad budget for 16 countries. Later he joined where he played roles in customer support, marketing and more while they raised 500,000 euros. Since then he has become a full stack developer which is what he does at Modash.

Anwaar Malik was previously leading a team of 8 engineers in a devshop which built products for companies including Walmart. Anwaar relocated from Pakistan to join Modash and is a key part of the engineering team.

Matthias Markus is a Film and Media Production graduate who previously made Youtube videos for over a year before joining Modash. Matthias handles Modash’s web-building, and contributes on things like SEO and content creation.

With this new capital, Modash will focus on getting their product in the hands of thousands of brands around the world and powering other influencer marketing platforms via their API.