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Sales and marketing analytics are something that has become an ever present staple to successfully see where your startup stands in terms of growth. You know what else has become an ever present in the startup sphere; accelerators. And if you are a founder, chances are you too have experienced one - good or bad. It was a bad experience with an accelerator that led Neyra co-founders Oleksander Briukhovetskiy (Alex) and Yevhen Shevchenko together. The two Ukrainians got inspired to found Neyra, the AI-based service for marketing and sales analytics, after they spent the time at the accelerator discussing the existing analytics tools — their inefficiency, the cost, and the learning curve being too high.

After spending a couple of years as the CMO at a large Ukrainian management consulting company, co-founder Yevhen Shevchenko decided to develop a more insightful analytics dashboard for small and medium-sized enterprises. While working at the management consulting company in Ukraine, where he managed to increase the company’s revenue by 16 times, he noticed the pain of working with different data layers. It’s hard to do justifiable marketing and sales decisions without combining data from CRM and ad accounts. Also, in order to make the most efficient decisions, you would need your own personal tracking code instead of using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

The combination of an own tracking code and a connected platform of CRM and ad account data enables the customization of Neyra's solution. Neyra wants to help their clients to see what is their most effective source and how to reach the correct leads by combining, benchmarking, and predicting all and the most efficient data sources.

The other co-founder, Oleksander Briukhovetskiy, had also been working with marketing and sales for over five years before founding Neyra. He worked as a Marketing Executive at Kaplan in London, one of the largest educational services provider with $1.5bn in revenue.

In the long run, Neyra aims to become an all in one solution with several functionalities outside of marketing and sales, such as prediction and competitor benchmarking.

What Neyra essentially does is combine the different marketing and analytics data onto one dashboard. What differentiates Neyra from its competitors is that they work with small to medium sized businesses; the ones that could massively benefit from the services Neyra provides. The other solutions on the market, like BlueConic and Woopra, are more technically advanced but complicated and only used by enterprises. Kira is the first solution to offer the same kind of functionality in an easy package to SMEs. In addition, Neyra has already developed predictive and benchmarking features that the larger competitors don’t have.

The way Neyra does this is by install their own tracking code onto the websites of their clients and then using AI to gather information to present in a simple and clean dashboard. It also presents more detailed analytics in comparison to the popular Google Analytics tools used by marketing and sales teams across the world.

The founders of Neyra wanted to found their company in Finland for a few reasons. Firstly, they were inspired by fellow Ukrainian Max Pecherskyi, founder of PromoRepublic, after he successfully launched their Social Media Management Platform in Finland. And secondly, they were enthusiastic of the support and benefits provided by founding a company in Finland (tempo funding, online banking, legal support, etc…)

While the pair have agreed to launch their company in Finland, they will still keep their technical team in the Ukraine.