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In 2008, surgical complications cost the US $400 billion dollars—and the number has only increased throughout the last decade. While surgeons are dedicated professionals with a uniquely advanced set of skills, some procedures are too complex for even the most capable pair of hands.

What if surgeons could be expertly prepared for even the most unimaginable scenario? If patients could have their anxieties alleviated because even the most difficult procedures showed increased success rates?  Improving patient safety and radically raising the standards of surgical procedures is at the heart of Osgenic's mission. This budding startup is in the midst of developing a revolutionary virtual reality (VR) open surgery simulator. The first of its kind, this ambitious technology will be responsible for a new era in open surgery, equipping the surgeons of today and tomorrow with superior abilities. 

Founder and surgeon-in-training, Arne Schlenzka, was largely inspired by his personal experience. He saw that while arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgeons benefit from quality simulators, effective training tools for open procedures haven’t been accessible to this point. Schlenzka’s passion for patient safety is his primary driving force. And with Osgenic’s vision, both surgeons and students alike will leverage the most state-of-the-art surgical training devices, sharpening their skillset for even the most challenging of circumstances.  

The future of Osgenic looks bright. After all, a team of innovative, forward-thinking minds is manning the startup’s helm. Osgenic’s VR technology is groundbreaking and has the potential to be a paradigm-shifting contribution to the surgical profession on a global scale.