Finally, A Real Meeting Prep Solution (and Not Another CRM)


Helsinki, Finland


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Acquired by Matchmade


Lauri Hynynen, Niko Ahonen


CRM, sales

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Preparing for a sales pitch can often involve gathering information from multiple files, inboxes, software platforms, and even other colleagues. This time-consuming and cumbersome process can result in lost time, misinformation and mistakes. Although CRM (customer relationship management) systems were introduced for this express purpose, they never seem to contain all of the information a salesperson needs to close the deal.

While some business ideas are just a minor upgrade on existing technology, PrompterAI offers a truly new solution to the hassle of meeting prep. The software automates the process of gathering information from existing tools and channels, resulting in better knowledge management and improved sales productivity. It’s like having an automatic personal assistant alongside each salesperson to gather all the information needed for businesses to win the client over. 

The Finnish startup’s software integrates with the tools companies already use – such as G Suite, HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, Trello and Zendesk – and delivers bite-sized briefing packages via email and Slack. 

The briefing packages include everything ranging from LinkedIn profiles and news to previous emails and notes from CRM. These packages also include AI-powered reminders to keep the sales cycle progressing and ensure no follow-ups or meetings are missed. The company offers both individual and enterprise level solutions, making PrompterAI a great tool for businesses of any size.

Co-founder and CEO Lauri Hynynen joined with two of his previous colleagues to found PrompterAI. All three founders have strong tech backgrounds and startup experience in Finland and the US. Niko Ahonen, CTO, brings a solid background in industrial engineering and data science. 

PrompterAI will be using venture capital funding to further improve their product, recruit more talent to the team and expand their customer base.