Building software for better work management for creative people and companies.


Helsinki, Finland



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Pauli Suuraho, Jaakko Mukka, Tero Könönen


SaaS, asset management, data integration, developer platform, developer tools

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Everyone likes to think of creatives as spending their days designing, drawing and imagining. However, even creative fields rely on pipelines and workflow management in order to get projects done. Anyone who has been part of an artistic team knows how much time these repetitive tasks take away from the fun parts of the job.

It was these repetitive tasks that inspired the creation of Finnish startup, Puida. The term “puida” has many translations in Finnish, but the most appropriate ones for this company are, “discussing a problem until it is solved” and “thresh out the seeds from the grain.” Puida does this with creative work management. Puida’s software removes the unnecessary steps and streamlines workflows so creative teams can focus solely on what they know and do best.

Puida’s tool allows teams to unleash their creativity and work together but independently. The software is local so teams can access and share files quickly. It adjusts to each team’s workflow and company practices in a customizable solution. It also includes automatic indexing, file versioning, referencing and archiving so projects are maintained without requiring manual labor to keep everything organized.

Puida was founded by Pauli Suuraho, a Finnish mathematician turned self-taught software developer. He and co-founder Jaakko Mukka built their creative management skills at Rovio Entertainment and knew there was a better way to do things that could save companies time and money. As Suuraho says, “At my core, I am an extremely lazy guy. I don’t want to have to do unnecessary, repetitive work in the future. I don’t sleep at night if someone spends time doing pointless tasks that software could do for us.”

With venture capital support from Icebreaker, the team plans to continue refining its business ideas and building its user base. They also plan on developing solutions to help streamline the game and animation industries.