Optimising marketing activities with SaaS


Espoo, Finland



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Juha Nuutinen, Mikko Ervasti, Teppo Luukkone


SaaS, marketing, customer success

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As new ways to do online marketing are springing up like mushrooms, more traditional forms of advertising, such as print, broadcast or direct mail, are battling over advertiser media budgets. For companies, it is critical that their advertising is effective. Measuring the return on marketing investment (ROMI) and continuously optimizing the performance of each media channel is the key to long-term success. In fact, how well the advertisers can communicate their brand and offers to customers can make it or break it, especially for many brick-and-mortar retailers, and also for online stores in the current competitive market.

Sellforte is all about helping marketers to optimize their marketing and promotions. By using the Sellforte service, marketers achieve a significant and lasting impact on sales and margin, and marketing becomes something that can be continuously measured and improved based on hard numbers. This is achieved on one part by strategic recommendations on e.g. how to optimize the media mix, and on the other part by operational recommendations, such as what products to promote and at what price.

Optimizing marketing and promotional campaigns can have a massive impact on marketer's margins, while ensuring that customers get the offers and promotions they want. The Sellforte solution can also help to reduce waste, negotiate better deals with vendors, and it allows merchandising teams to find the best products and prices for promotions. The service provides invaluable insights into the drivers behind successful advertisements and promotions, drills down to the customer segments, and forecasts the performance of future campaigns. These are all crucial aspects to running an effective business.

Founded in 2017 by Juha Nuutinen, Mikko Ervasti, and Teppo Luukkonen, the company was inspired by applying data science to high-impact management consulting projects. From the beginning, the focus has been automating the most useful analyses and delivering the advanced analytics as a service to marketers.

The Sellforte team has industry experience in fields such as management consulting, software development, data science, scientific research, as well as marketing and retail. The team is extremely motivated by turning huge sets of data into measurable business insights and results. They describe themselves as being “driven by curiosity to understand how things work” which applies to both data science and client businesses alike.