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Joni Norppa, Lauri Häme


satellite imagery, AI, 3D visualisation

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Expansive may be an understatement when describing Terramonitor’s astonishingly robust global map, powered by AI.

An undeniable boon to a bevy of industries, the innovative technology dreamt up by founders, Joni Norppa and Lauri Häme, hosts 100 million up-to-date images that update daily. Forestry, infrastructure, agricultural, and environmental professionals can either integrate Terramonitor into proprietary systems or leverage the spectacular power of space data in their browser.

These industries will flourish from in-depth geographical insights unique to Terramonitor’s revolutionary satellite data and AI. They’ll gain a distinct advantage as the more thorough, relevant data provides actionable information previously unavailable.

At the core of Terramontor’s beliefs is for satellite data to be accessible to everyone, not just businesses. The significance of its easy accessibility goes beyond bank accounts and profit margins. Instead, impactful global changes can be tracked and monitored as it happens.

Furthermore, Terramonitor’s comprehensive map boasts crystal clear, scalable cloudless images from literally anywhere in the world.

The forestry industry is inimitably bolstered by tools that can detect new loggings and roads, discover new tree species, and track the health of a forest. Infrastructure organizations can monitor road development as well as powerline and airport construction. Agriculturalists will also prosper, as they’ll have the means to monitor crop field conditions—keeping on top of any possible dryness or other shifts and changes. Environmentalists can instantaneously be alerted to natural disasters while conducting pinpoint analysis of human impact on the environment.  

Terramonitor’s motives are interwoven with making the world a better place. They offer for-profit businesses affordable pricing so they can literally have a daily-updated world at their fingertips. Also, in line with Terramonitors’ altruistic nature, not-for-profit organizations can utilize the awe-inspiring technology for free.

With Terramonitor, you’ll reshape your view of the world and open yourself to a deeper understanding of your surroundings.