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Helsinki, Finland



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Martim Gois, Aku Viskari, Vertti Sarimaa


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There’s nothing quite like traveling. Exploring different cultures, trying new activities, indulging in different foods, recovering from bed bug bites. Yes, even in this modern day and age, bed bugs are still a problem that sneaks their way into hotels with unsuspecting travelers.

Valpas, a Finnish startup dedicated to advancing thoughtful travel by introducing travelers to hotels that will keep them safe from gnarly bed bugs, has created the first and only service in the world that makes hotel rooms safe of bed bugs.

Their revolutionary wellness technology is embedded into a new type of bed leg with universal applicability. The Valpas bed leg is bioengineered to respond to bed bugs’ natural behavior and capture the miniature troublemakers and vacation-ruiners in the bed leg before infestations become a problem.

These smart bed legs integrate with IoT devices to notify users of prevented attacks. The trap contains sensors that detect when a bed bug is captured and connect to the Valpas web service, via a smart mesh network that doesn’t rely on wifi. With this technology, hotels can monitor their rooms’ status in real-time and respond quickly.

The service is targeted for top hotels who are willing to provide the best possible guest experience and maintain their perfect reputation.

By implementing the system, hotels join Valpas Hotels network; a network for the most thoughtful hotels of the world that are safeguarded from bed bugs. When choosing a Valpas hotel, travelers know that they can travel carefree.

The initial business ideas behind Valpas came from a personal encounter co-founder and CEO Martim Gois had with bed bugs while traveling through Indonesia. With his background in finance and CEMS management, Gois manages the business side and strategy for the company. He is joined by co-founders and fellow Aalto University alumni, Aku Viskari and Vertti Sarimaa. Viskari focuses on the physical side of the product as CPO, and Sarimaa leverages his background in industrial design as Head of Design.

Venture capital seed funding is helping the company partner with more hotels and expand their presence in the global fight to exterminate bed bugs.