ICEBREAKER House rules

1. Organisers are responsible for the catering, the setting up, and the cleaning up of the event space. All spaces must be left clean, empty and in order after the event has ended.

2. Organisers are fully responsible for the attendees of the event.

3. Organisers must follow’s code of conduct as outlined on our website.

4. Organisers most inform about any cancellations at least one week prior to the event taking place.

5. The event space reservation is only for the space that has been reserved. Events may not use space that has not been included in the reservation. Special arrangements can be made for the use of any other individual room(s) in our office space.

6. Organiser must assume full responsibility for any damages to the event space and/or its equipment arising from misuse by its attendees.

7. Organisers should double check the events space for attendees possessions before leaving.

8. Icebreaker always gives a short 3-min introduction about at the start of the event, welcoming participants to the House.

9. The Event space is meant for networking-, dinner- and presentation-type events only.

Icebreaker House Events

March 13, 2020 House Luncheon with Anssi Rusi, COO, Luncheon with Anssi Rusi, COO at, "Operations & Finance; Scaling from 5 people to 350".
February 21, 2020 House Luncheon with Miro Putkonen, "Startup Sales Training"
Miro Putkonen is the Director of Sales and Business Development at portfolio company Lumoa.
February 7, 2020 House Luncheon with Otto Hilska, "First-year Plan" Luncheons gather startup practitioners to learn and share about starting and growing successful companies. Lunch is served.
February 18, 2019 House
Icebreaker Super Jam: Ways To Found Successful Companies
Icebreaker Super Jam is here again! Whether you're looking for your next adventure as a founder, advisor or early-stage team member in a strong tech company, Super Jam is a great place to start. You will get to know other professionals from the community and hear lessons learned from founders who have been there, done that.