ICEBREAKER Pre-founder project

What is The pre-founder project?

The Icebreaker Pre-founder Project is a place for talented professionals from various industries, to meet likeminded pre-founders with the drive to start or join new exciting projects and companies.

Over the course of three short online sessions we let you dive headfirst into the basics of starting and building a successful startup. You'll also be given the tools to share, validate, and improve your ideas in between sessions as you get to know your fellow pre-founders.

While part of the pre-founder project, you'll also have access to the entire Icebreaker Community as well as our full team of investors and industry experts.

The program focuses on the main elements of a great idea, how to build great teams, and the first 12 months of running a startup.

If you already have an idea that's great, but you don't need to have an idea, project or early stage company to apply. You'll be given the chance to either work on your idea, or join a team where your background and skillset proves valuable.

You may apply as an individual or together with a team, but each team member needs to fill in their own registration.

Previous experience in tech and/or startups is not necessary.

What's in it for you?

You will get access to our resources and professional feedback from a team of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and other pre-founders. All this and a ton of fun while connecting with people in the process, completely free of charge!

After the PFP you can continue your journey in the Icebreaker Community, getting to know new people at our re-occuring community events, and learning more about how to build strong tech companies.

Joining the Pre-founder project and the Icebreaker Community is ideal for those, who:

  • Have 5+ years of work experience in a specific field of expertise.
  • Want to start or join strong tech companies.
  • Want to test and improve their business idea in a safe environment.