How to Get Started with Marketing in Early-Stage Startups


May 11, 2018

In the ongoing series of Icebreaker Online Roundtables, we had the pleasure to discuss marketing in early-stage startups with Andrus Purde earlier this week.

The roundtable included concrete guidelines to get you started in the beginning of the path of your company.

You can find the audio recording and slides below.

If you want to dig a little deeper in the details, you can check Andrus' blog on marketing planning, keyword research and asking for referrals.

About the co-host

Andrus Purde is the founder of Outfunnel on a mission to unite the worlds of marketing and sales. Prior to that Andrus was Pipedrive’s head of marketing and helped the company grow from zero to 70,000+ paying customers around the world.

To read more about what he has to say, check out his blog at