Prion — on a journey to digitise childcare


December 11, 2019

Prion — on a journey to digitise childcare CEO and Co-owner of Prion, Fredrika Bernadotte Prion is on a journey to digitise childcare from preschool to nursery with a platform where pedagogues and managers within the childcare sector can handle administration digitally - allowing for parents to communicate and cooperate around daily operations. The global education software market as it stands today is quite fragmented, with companies offering software for higher-level education, pre-schools and kindergartens often get left behind. Prion’s closest competitors are focusing more on providing a software platform for communication between parents and kids, while Prion (while also allowing similar features) is focusing more on the administration and documentation of processes and kids. “We are building a comprehensive platform for the administration in childcare, and today we support, for example, educational documentation. The parents now receive continuous updates on what the child is doing and a description of what the preschool is working on right now, ” Fredrika Bernadotte, CEO and Co-Founder of Prion, in an interview with Di Digital Kindergartens manage their documentation through physical folders where they store sensitive information about children and different processes. With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, kindergartens need to store sensitive information more carefully and according to new guidelines. This is something that kindergartens can do much more efficiently with Prion’s software. Today, hundreds of preschools in Sweden are connected to Prion’s platform, which was launched in 2017. Subsequently, more features have slowly been introduced to the platform. “We’re building a modular platform where it’s not one solution for all. As a customer or as a kindergarten, for example, you can select which product modules are most relevant to you… We can complement the different systems that they already have. We will have different feature modules with scheduling, checking in and checking out of the kids, calendar documentation, parent communication, etc… all in one”, says Fredrika Bernadotte, in an interview with The Prion App Before founding Prion, Fredrika Bernadotte, the Co-owner and CEO, worked as a manager for over 5 years, starting as a management trainee and working up to a business manager position at Telenor Sverige, where she gained experience in sales and project management. It was here where Fredrika got a taste for the founder lifestyle. By managing her own team she got a feel for how a business was and could be run. And it was during this time that she was reaching out to different people who could help her with her ambitions of founding a company.
The second Co-owner and CTO, Eskil Andréen, is the former Co-founder and CTO of Wrapp, where he worked as a backend developer and led the software engineering department. He has worked as a software developer for over 10 years, gaining extensive experience in both software engineering as well in leading software teams.
The third Co-owner, Thomas Kyritsis, has worked as a mobile/iOS developer for over 10 years, of which he spent around 4 years at a Swedish telecommunication company named Rebtel.
With the investment from, Prion plans on growing their customer base, expanding their team by building a sales organisation, and implementing new product features by hiring new tech talent.
Alongside, Prion is additionally backed by some impressive angel investors such as Niklas Zennström (founder of Skype), Sebastian Knutsson (founder of King), Sebastian Siemiatkowski (founder of Klarna), and Sophie Bendz (ex-Marketing Director at Spotify).
We look forward to keeping an eye on Prion as we follow their journey to digitise childcare!