Rescuing the Guest Experience in The Hospitality Industry Through Innovative Tech



June 1, 2018

There is a growing problem of bed bugs in hotels all over the world. But Valpas has come up with a solution to help the situation - a smart bed-leg.

These creepy bugs, sometimes hard to see with your bare eye, can ruin the guest experience and cause a lot of negative impressions. This is a real pain in the hospitality industry and a continuous problem that hotels are up against. Now, Valpas technology makes it possible to optimize the guest experience to a secure one.

Next up, Martim Gois, the CEO at Valpas tells how they tend to be the next game changer of guest experiences in the hospitality industry.


As any other industry, hospitality can neither escape the ever-evolving nor the spreading of technology in the world. It all comes down to bringing technological solutions into hotels to improve the guest experience.

”Hospitality is characteristically a very traditional industry. However, it can not escape the influence of a few global trends”, says Martim Gois, the CEO, and founder of Valpas.

Valpas is the first and only autonomous security system for bed bugs in the world. Valpas operates in both the hardware and software markets and is not the typical start-up firm with plain coding and low-cost mistakes.

”One could say that creating software is like playing in a rock band, whereas developing hardware is more like leading a symphony orchestra.”

"The technology we want to see in hotels has to bring added value to both the hotels and the guests."

Patience is golden when handling with hardware products. Valpas hardware is a bed-leg, with the intention to lure bed bugs into it before they reach the guest or harm the hotel. Developing hardware takes time, sometimes longer than developing software, but it’s often worth the wait. This way the cost of errors and risks are minimized.

“Before taking action in the production and shipping stage of the hardware, every single part should fall into place. All of the changes made and the dealing of hardware is much more expensive than with software.”


At the moment, personalization is a global megatrend taking over the hospitality industry.

For example, hotels can use an app to communicate with their guests to learn more about their preferences. This way the guests are welcomed with more targeted products and services during their next visit. The hotel can also use a product, like Valpas that makes the guest experience stand out. Either way:

“All hotels want to be a safe haven, where the guests can stay with the highest ease and comfort.”

Our leisure time is growing and people are traveling more and more. Traveling becoming more affordable, experiences are been retrieved as easily from a flight or a car trip away.


Locals are more and more seen as a valuable target group worth taking in much closer consideration. Hotels are putting up quality bars and restaurants to attract locals for a drink or two, and why not for a nice eventful staycation, too.

The meaning of these arrangements is to integrate hotels into their surrounding cultures.

“It is not necessary to travel abroad for a hotel experience anymore. Hotels around the world are actively pursuing to provide WOW effects, even for the locals.”

Hotels are currently trying to create a specific atmosphere or culture around organizations and locals in order to reach the target groups better, in other words, create a brand.

Valpas is a product, generating added brand value for hotels. All of Valpas customers are branded as Valpas Collaborator hotels.


Even if the megatrend of enhancing the guest experience is facing the hospitality industry, it is essential to remember that hotels, like any other businesses, need to increase their value in order to stay relevant.

The most natural approach for hotels to increase their gross profit is to let the guests book their stay via their homepage. The homepage is primarily and foremost conducted by the hotels’ marketing teams.

Valpas web page directs viewers and browsers straight to the hotel's web page (that are in collaboration with Valpas). Consequently, the middlemen and their shares are bypassed.

“In order to successfully attract more guests, hotels need to be associated with other customer acquisition channels.”

How can we get people to book their stay at the same hotel through their homepage?

”It all comes down to a pleasant guest experience: it brings guests back again and again. Retention is the key word here.”


Currently, there are keyless cards and check-ins, automated and intelligent lighting systems, and even iPads in hotel rooms. Could hotels improve the guest experience in the future utilizing the ever-evolving world of technology?  

”The latest global innovation in the hotel industry that we know of is minibars, and that was back in the 70’s.”

In the era of social media, people are using several platforms and for example, browsing on Instagram when deciding where to stay. Hotel experiences can be so well captured in a picture that sometimes a friend’s picture is enough in the decision-making process.

”There is definitely a lot of potential on social media for hotels to consider.”

"Hotels have an increasing interest in  the guest experience. The most impressive way of doing this is through technology."


”All the products we create today and in the future should strive in helping out both the hotels and the guests in order for the hotels to stay profitable. The most important asset is the potential of technological solutions that can contribute to the guest experience.”