Icebreaker is a venture capital firm and a community on a mission to help build strong tech companies. Our community members have diverse backgrounds when it comes to nationality, languages they speak, industries they have worked on, skills, education, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. When building strong tech companies, diversity of various sorts plays a key role, and this is why we’re extremely proud to have such a variety of different kinds of people as our community members.Our activities aim mainly for the following three things:

From our perspective, achieving these goals requires a lot of networking, inspiring discussions and talks, sitting around the same table and coming up with new ideas and solutions. It’s quite a no-brainer that this is way easier when everyone respects each other and feels safe.

That’s why in our activities, events, and services we expect everyone to behave accordingly. We don’t want any of our members to hear racist jokes or face bullying of any sort. It goes without saying that sexual harassment and disturbing violations of other person’s personal space is not tolerated.

In the core of everything is that every member of our community has been selected to achieve their goals and we want to help each other to get there. Treating people badly is not helping.

If this code is violated, we want to hear about it. You can contact (+358 40 171 0101) or (+358 50 598 2101) to report any behavior you feel is inappropriate.

Breaking this code of conduct can lead to removing the misbehaving member from our activities, events or services and the community as a whole, for a limited time or permanently.